Elena Gouchtchina, Founder, Maison Interiors

Directed by Elena Gouchtchina, Maison Interiors strives for design excellence in completing beautiful projects for her clients. Servicing the greater Toronto area, Elena manages each interior decorating and design project with passion, creativity, and professionalism to ensure that each project is on time, and within budget.

Focused on her clients’ needs, Elena Gouchtchina’s goal is to make the design process an enjoyable journey for her clients. During this creative process, Elena works closely with her clients to ensure that every detail is taken care of, starting with the initial on-site consultation, and ending with the finishing touches for the space.

The key to Maison Interiors’s success is Elena’s insistence on using an open and transparent communication process between all parties involved in the project. Whilst ensuring the smooth flow of the design process, communication helps to answer questions, avoid misunderstandings, and ensures that everyone works together towards a successful completion.

Maison Interiors is committed to five key design principles that define how Elena Gouchtchina works with her clients on a daily basis.

  1. Passion - to design unique spaces with integrity and respect for our client’s needs
  2. Promise - to provide clients with thoughtful design solutions, which are completed on time, and within budget
  3. Purpose - to delight the needs of our clients by providing the expertise (savoir faire) to create design solutions that are attractive, safe, and functional
  4. Professionalism - to keep up-to-date with international design trends, to educate, guide and help our clients to achieve their needs
  5. Personality - to bring humility and humour to each project, to be approachable, friendly, and passionate 

Maison Interiors offers a unique design experience, with its sense of discrete lux, and respect for its clients’ needs.

Maison Interiors, the Savoir Faire Of Beautiful Design.